Locating Fiction in English

Sources of out-of-print fiction include:

Joint Fiction Reserves (JFRs)

There are three JFRs in the UK and Ireland: the Regional JFR, the London and South Eastern Regional Joint Fiction Reserve (LASER JFR), and the Irish JFR.

These schemes all operate in a similar way; participating libraries aim to acquire all new fiction published within a particular alphabetical allocation and to make this available for interlibrary loan.

A similar but distinct Scottish Fiction Reserve is also in operation; the Scottish JFR allocates authors to authorities on the basis of local association

For more information, see the Guide to the Joint Fiction Reserves 2014 Acrobat document

National libraries catalogues:

Online retailers such as ABE books

Online services such as Fantastic Fiction

Public libraries:

Subscription libraries such as the London Library

Union catalogues: