Bee Aware Scheme

The Bee Aware Scheme is a national initiative to promote the inter library loan of alternative format material on behalf of visually impaired and print disabled people. The scheme was originally piloted within the North West, before being widened into a national scheme with the aid of Government funding in 1999.

Bee Aware Scheme Brief Summary

  • If the borrower is not a member of Calibre, RNIB National Library Service or TNAUK, a declaration form should be completed, see below for sample. A copy of this signed declaration form should be retained for your own library’s records for subsequent loans.

  • Inter Library Loan requests should Indicate format (Spoken Word, Braille, Moon) and include ‘VIP’, the name of the borrower, and the relevant agency if the borrower is already a member. Include your Request Number, your Billing Account Number and Cost Scheme/s.

  • If applications are made to Calibre or RNIB National Library Service, and the borrower is not a member of these agencies, a signed declaration form should be faxed to the agency prior to making the inter library loan application. Subsequent requests do not require a declaration form. Requests made to other libraries do not normally require a copy of the declaration form to be faxed.

  • Alternative format material may be sent via the Post Office Service free of charge to and from a VIP, using the Articles for the Blind (AFB) service, even if obtained through a library. To comply with Post Office regulations the borrower name and ‘Articles for the Blind’ must be on the parcel if the item has not been obtained from one of the agencies. Items received from the agencies will be in distinctive re-usable (freepost) packaging. This packaging can be used to return the item post free via the Post Office Service. See the RNIB page: Articles for the Blind

Bee Aware Declaration Form

Bee Aware FAQs