Non-English Language Fiction

The Non-English language fiction collections database has been compiled to help library staff quickly identify sources of material available for inter-lending within and beyond their own regions. The database describes collections not individual titles held.

The database includes over 1850 entries for collections in 85 languages from Afrikaans to Yoruba.

Where has this information come from?

These collections have been identified in libraries across England and Scotland. The East of England, East Midlands, London, North West, Scotland, South West, Yorkshire and Humberside regions have all contributed information about holdings and indicated whether the material is available for interlending to other libraries in their region and beyond.

What’s not included?

There are currently no entries for libraries in  the West Midlands, Wales and Ireland.

How can I include my library’s collection holdings information?

Information about Non-English language fiction collections not already included, and updated information about those that are, is always welcome. To submit new or revised information, please fill out a NELF mapping form and send it to the Combined Regions. If  you just have a few changes to be made to your collections holdings, a quick email will suffice.

What types of libraries have provided details of their collections?

The database mainly includes holdings of public libraries, plus University, National,  Education, College and specialist libraries such as The London Library, The Goethe Institute and the Library of the French Institute.

How big are the collections of material?

Many of the collections are small. Over 500 have less than 50 titles, 130 collections have between 50 and 100 titles and 350 collections have more than 100 titles.

Material available for interlending

Many of the collections listed are available to other libraries within and beyond the organisation’s own region. A small number of collections are not available for loan, however their information has been included to help build up a picture of the range of non-English language fiction resources held in libraries across the country.

Please note: some  libraries may not belong to the Conarls IRU Cost scheme and their loans will be charged at the British Library rate.