About TCR

The Combined Regions (TCR) was set up to enable co-operation between UK libraries at both a strategic and operational level; and the organisation has been working to support resource sharing between libraries in all sectors for nearly two decades.

There has been significant change in the field of libraries, technology and resource sharing during this period, and it is therefore right that TCR reflects on the role it should take in the future.

Following years of dedicated and expert leadership from the previous Directors, Board and Committee members, there has been a ‘changing of the guard’ in the last six months. The present Directors of TCR are Mark McCree, Head of Blackpool Libraries; Sue Wills, Head of Cambridgeshire Libraries; and Robert Clayton, Head of Rutland Libraries.

We are going to be spending the next few months identifying how we might best facilitate greater content and resource sharing and discovery. We are looking to talk to other organisations who are interested in achieving similar aims; and are committed to making a tangible, positive difference for library users across the UK at what is an exciting and challenging time.


Mark McCree,

Chair, The Combined Regions